Layered Zirconia

Layered zirconia restorations combine the highest esthetics and the strength and flexibility you need for all posterior and anterior cases. Zirconia eliminates the problem of dark margins around the gingival line and the possibility of exposed metal margins when the gum begins to recede.  Because it is highly translucent, it allows light to refract through and can be fabricated to match the shade of the ideal tooth core, providing the natural beauty for your patients.

Custom-milled from a solid block, the strength of the zirconia substructure is unparalleled. Once the core is formed, porcelain is layered on to the coping thus resulting in crowns and bridges that are naturally beautiful.

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  • Beauty
  • High biocompatibilty
  • Strength and durability
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Conventional cementation

Layered Zirconia