Implant Products

Atlantis Conus Concept

Colonial Dental Lab offers the Atlantis Conus concept. This concept, referred to as the ATLANTIS Conus Concept, provides fully edentulous patients with a cost-effective, implant-supported prosthesis.The solution has the stability of a friction-retained, non-resilient prostheses, but the comfort of a fixed restoration. The concept is composed of patient-specific ATLANTIS Conus abutments (overdenture) together with prefabricated SynCone caps. The ATLANTIS Conus abutments are individually designed using the patented ATLANTIS VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software. This ensures that all abutments are parallel to each other, and that their restorative margin is as close to the soft tissue as possible.

Benefits for the Patient

  • Provides a stable but removable solution that offers the comfort of a fixed restoration
  • Easy cleaning
  • Optimal chewing function and sense of taste
  • Desirable phonetic function and esthetic result
  • Helps to eliminate problems often associated with dentures, such as pain of pressure of ill-fitting dentures and atrophy as a result of inactivity or pressure requiring relining of existing denture
  • Provides a cost-effective solution