Colonial Dental Lab offers hybrid dentures made from resin.  Hybrid dentures are comprised of a dental bridge that uses implants to fix the loss of many teeth and the gums and bone around them. Several dental implants are placed in the jaw bone and the bridge is screwed into place.  The bar in which the denture is fabricated can either be cast gold or milled titanium utilizing CAD/CAM technology. The result is a new set of teeth that are cosmetic and strong and allow a person the use and enjoyment of real teeth.

A key element in the success of the hybrid denture is the fabrication of the D.V.J.B.B. (Duralay Verification Jig Bite Block). The jig is seated to the implants or multi-unit abutments and tested for fit. If there is a rock, section the appliance until the rocking ceases, lute the sections together and return to the lab. If the Jig fits, your model is now verified and we can proceed with the cast or milled bar.

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  • Provides the strongest and most comfortable teeth possible
  • Reduces pressure on the gums and sore spots providing more comfort
  • Stimulates bone growth and preserves jaw structure
  • Dentures are secured in place
  • Provides ability for patient to eat and talk naturally again
  • Provides natural form and shape of patient’s smile